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The best-kept secret ingredient has finally arrived.

Nourishing the senses with a range of delicate flavorings for a tasteful diet, balanced nutrition, and healthier lifestyles.

You will discover that the finest ingredients bring out the best conversations, flavors, and inspirations.

Through the love of cooking and eating meals together in good health and happiness!

Each of our versatile olive oils are like natural gems, featuring a range of colors & flavors.

Whether used for everyday cooking, drizzling as a finishing touch, dipping, or dressing!

Experience some of the most beautiful locations in the world through the taste of our highest quality fresh-crushed olive oils.

From centuries-old Mediterranean olive trees that flourished across generations and beyond.

Straight from the olive tree to the bottle, HATUN offers the healing power of nature, like the sun rising over the hills.

Our olives are carefully separated from the branch by hand; paired/pressed together using nutritious herbs, citrus fruits, and seasonal vegetables, ensuring only the finest quality oil flavors to reach your table.

© 2021 Hatun Fine Olive Oils


We chose this name to recognize the generations of women who have cultivated and harvested some of the finest olives on the Mt. Ida region of Turkey.

What our home chefs are saying?

Literally could go on anything!

This olive oil is literally amazing and would pair beautifully with anything I make. It is a subtle but distinct flavor that makes me want to remake every dinner I've used olive oil with and substitute my store bought olive oil foe this magic bottle of deliciousness.

Hannah Rose

Incredible Company!

Incredible and ethical company that desires to bring true Turkish olive oil into our homes. The owner is genuinely passionate about this business and the people that it benefits. If you have ever actually had Turkish olive oil, you would know the difference that sets it apart from every other company!

Elizabeth Garlick

Perfect with salad!

It was perfect with salad. I've never expected it to be so delicious like that. Actually i was using oregano olive oil of another brand for a long time. I saw this olive oil on Instagram and I tried. Now I am a great fan of this. Next time I will cook steak with this. I am sure it will be so delicious.

Angela Todd

My favorite olive oil, Period.

There are a lot of different olive oils out there, but this brand has to be my favorite. Of the great flavors Hatun has, Chili Pepper has to be the best. It's a great olive oil first, my the taste of chili pepper brings it to a whole new level. Throw it on anything from pizza to salad and you're definitely in for a treat!

Nomith Murari


I love pesto sauce and i am doing it a lot. One of my friend recommend me this olive oil and i tried it. I couldn't believe it. This is the best basil olive oil I've ever tasted. Just make a pesto sauce with that you'll understand what I mean.

Leo Volner